AHOI-Mod -English

A Grand Strategy Modification for Hearts of Iron 3

This work is based on the “AHOI-Treasure Mod family”.
Overall goal of this Mod is to have more a simulation with historical plausible background.

Little Mod description:
– ~580 techs in 22 folder that the ai is also researching (Vanilla has 286 in 12 folder).
– New country development system to have a better catch up chance for small countries(f.e. industrialisation techs).
– Complete new widescreen GUI to see more at a glance and have some more modding possibilities.
– See more of your production, trade, convoys, technologies, theatres etc. without the need of scrolling.(See pictures below.)
– New topbar that arranges the ressources around the IC and the numbers like Manpower, diplo etc. “colour coded” next to the according tab’s.
– The ressources are arranged in the production tab the same way as in the topbar for easier perception.
– The alert icons and trade icons  will pop up on the rigt side of the new topbar.
– New Alert icons. (Early designs!), and also wood/steel border for the trade icons to fit in the new overall design.
– Coloured game speed indicator.
– Statistics tab now shows the units overview with the graphs without overlapping units.
– Also GUI changes in the Unit view, bigger Leader Pictures and and a different branch Symbol next to them(Land/Air/Naval) to the branch they belong to.
– New design of units production screen, it shows now up to 30 techs of each unit(eliminating the problem of techs descriptions running out of the screen for now).
– Some new decisions regarding manpower.
– ~90 buildable units (vanilla has 48, ai is producing them as well!).
– HQ’s have unique Counters for each lvl of Command.
– New division build up system (a normal divison consist now out of 3 to 9 Regiments, complete change to a regimental System, introduction of a suport Regiment for Hvy Sup Weapons or Eng etc.).
– Elite Units with uniqe counters. HQ’s wich unique counters
– Some adjustments to the jap/chi/man borders and events.
– Some adjustments to laws.
– Some adjustments to combat events.
– Quite some adjustments to the basic game mechanics like combat and supply(defines.lua etc.).

To come / ideas / partly done:

Graphics and GUI:
– Another GUI redesign for all that use a resolution of 1680*1050. Be able to see your messages window while in the other tabs!
– Another GUI redesign for the unit production to be able of having up to 45 components for a unit!
– Rework the current GUI to have an even better logical access to the game functions. (For the first rework the main goal was to have as much info as possible, now I redesigned it with a bit more “comfort” in mind. It will also have some elements dropped so that the human player has no longer some exploitive possibilities over the ai.. 😉 Still all with have minimum resolution of 1280*768.)

Based on the graphical changes I want also introduce:
– Some ideology/party related modifiers that can be shown in the politics tab(left side in the goverment description field, much space left for this..).
– New laws system, f.e. better training and production simulation. Will have 13 types in the end.

– A new tech tree that covers the timeframe from 1900-1970 with ~1001 Technologies in 42 folder(still fits nicely in 1280*768!)
– Fill the availbale space for practicals with aditional ones. Redesigned and added already additional ones to have 62 in the game(Std has 48 ). So we have better simulated production of equipment as each major type has his own practical now..

Events and decsions:
(Quite some more space for decsions now to see without scrolling..)
– The new ai will ask you in wich direction to research to produce(and later to trade etc.)..
– Deeper chains of events around historical decsions like:
– Rhineland crisis
– Embargo of Japan ->decsion to attack US or not.
– Munic treaties, Spain into the axis..
no more longer plain yes/or no, but historical plausible actions by the countries related to their actual situation.

– Redesign of the units in the game. Droped quite some. So we “only” have ~34 land, 15 Sea and 15 Air units. Then we still can see them all in the statistics tab!
Related to that change:
– New usage of the units components. So we have now Battalions in the Regiments and could simulate the equipment better without having the need to attach detach Regiments to our units. The ai can use it like the human player..

LUA changes, New Dynamic AI:
– Be able to “talk” to the Lua-AI!
– I rewrote the whole prodcution AI already. Around 7k+ lines of new lua code!
– You can now put ai production on and get a fine mix of needed units. Change in the production can be done by decsions that come up if the requirements are met. (Invasion fleet build up, Mass Militia etc.)
– It runs faster and is more flexible.
– I’ll adopt that dynamical system to the research-ai and the added 1001-techs, be prepared to see an ai that switches research priorities!
– Later also the other ai areas should be covered..

– Integration of new map from new upcomming patch 3.06 (CMP 1.5x included already..)
– Additional changes that didn’t make it into the offical patch like:
– reworked Danzig area(Adding the corridor!)
– realistic Baltic Blocker region, travel from Kiel to the Baltic Sea unblocked!
– reworked terrain in the Pacific to have a Japan-AI taking South Pacific
– complete overhaul of the terrain!(I’ll let you more on this one later..)

Extended timeline:
WW1 timeframe:
– I did already quite some map changes and added some countries myself. (RUS, SER, AHE, ROC, OTT etc.)
– Still need Events and decsions and Ministers and Leaders etc..
– The initial start last year was not lucky as the revive of the WWI mod failed somehow. Now we have already two independent teams working on a WWI sceanrio.
I’ll get back to WWI after the techtree and the research ai is working to finally get the timeframe from 1900-1970 playable..

I droped the usage of the Mod-Dir as it caused still trouble in some cases and took repeatetly quite some time to get it right.
Instead to save you copying all the time, I will use the JSGME-tool!
Wich will in combination of the installer an easy way of  usage for all that don’t know so much about computers. Should help the Steam users aswell!
For all of you who are afraid of using .exe from the net, there will be still an zip.

Actual work:
Atm I’m in full overhaul of the AHOI-Mod.
I’m still on the integration of the 1001 Techmod and the new units layout wich will allow me to have a technology system like a mix from HOI1 to HOI3 and being able to have the technology from around WWI to WWII better represented ingame.
It will also have a new unique unit system wich will make new use of the components.
I’m now focused only on getting the AHOI-Mod on a stable working version with the 1001 techs and new unit layout. The production-ai is already working fine.

Some already asked to help. And I’m very happy for that offers.
Unfortunately I have to organize my base of the mod annew until we could work together on it. For quite some things, like the new unit design, I guess it might be good to have a working example for a better understanding how that all could work.
After the basic new techtree and units are up, Ill contact you all via PN and announce it in the fourms so you could finally join.
Thanky you for your patience!

What can be done atm is to make the current AHOI-Mod more pleasant to play.
Some are already working on tech-pictures and descriptions.
Others gave feedback based on their games(AAR) and pointed out to bugs.
So if you already like this mod and want to help this mod getting better, feel free to join!
Your help or feedback is welcome.

I actually fixed the start tech bugs and will release a hotfix for the current version soon. It will also contain the already reported bugs.

Thats all I can think up for now.

The download and installation description can be find in the upper right navigation bar above.

Best regards,

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