c) HoI 3 -For the Motherland

  • “Hearts of Iron 3 -For the Motherland”

Here you can find soon overall info about the different AHOI-Mods for “Hearts of Iron 3 -For the Motherland”.

  • Mods:

AHOI Mod – A HOI3 Treasure Chest(FTM -ModDB):
AHOI-Mod_FTM Link: A HOI3 Treasure Chest Bilder/Pictures

Pimp my HOI – Dynamic AI(FTM -ModDB):
Pimp-My-HOI Link: Pimp my HOI-Dynamic AI- Bilder/Pictures
Pimp my HOI -DynamicProductionAI- Pimp my HOI -Dynamic AI-

Widescreen Ahoy!(FTM -ModDB):
widescreen_FTM Link: Widescreen_Ahoy!- Bilder/Pictures
Widescren Ahoi! Widescreen Ahoi(FTM)!