d) HoI 3 -Their Finest Hour

  • “Hearts of Iron 3 -Their Finest Hour”

Here you can find soon overall info about the different AHOI-Mods for “Hearts of Iron 3 -Their Finest Hour”.

  • Mods:

AHOI Mod – A HOI3 Tresure Chest: -First Testversion is out!
AHOI-Mod-minipic Link: “AHOI Mod – A HOI3 Treasure Chest” -Pictures

AHOI Mod - A Treasure Chest for HOI 3-TFH AHOI-Mod-TFH-Test-402a

AHOI Mod – Widescreen(Patch 4.02):
AHOI Mod - widescreen Link: “AHOI-Mod – Widescreen Mod” – Pictures
AHOI Mod - Widescreen GUI for Std HOI3-TFH-4.02 AHOI-Mod - Widescreen for Std-HOI3-TFH

For old patch 4.01: AHOI Mod - Widescreen GUI for Std HOI3-TFH