Air units

Below is a small description about the AHOI-Treasure Air units.
(I want to mention that this design also had in mind that it’s possible to maybe add later an earlier timeline as WWII.)

    The famous ones from early WW1 bombing missions.
    There have been test from USA to have some sort of flying Aircraft Carrier for long range naval patrol in the late 20’ies. But I’m afraid the engine will not allow us to have such in the game..

    Fighter aircraft:
    The basic fighter planes from WW1 to WW2.. Not specialized.

    Fighter-Bomber version of planes like Me-109, FW-190, Hawker Hurricane, P-47..

    Interceptor are the special Fighter planes especially designed to intercept bomber planes like eg. TA-152 or other high altitude piston fighters.

    Heavy fighter:
    The twin engine heavy planes like BF110, Mosquito, P-38 etc..

    Close Air Support:
    All those special CAS-types like Ju-87, Iljuschin Il-2 etc..

    Naval Bomber:

    All those planes wich were used in naval bomber role. Starting from Catalina up to FW-200 to the late navy patrol bombers like Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer.

    Carrier Air Group:
    Carrier based planes..
    (See also the description about Aircraft Carrier in the naval units section.)

    Light Bomber:
    All those single engine bombers that were used by some nations like Fairey Battle.

    Medium Bomber:
    All those 2-engine Bombers like He111, Ilyushin Il-4, Mitsubishi G4M, North American B-25 Mitchell..

    Heavy Bomber:
    The big ones.. B-17, B-24, Nakajima G8N, Avro Lancaster, Handley Page Halifax, Heinkel He 177, Junkers Ju 390..

    Transport Plane:
    All Transport planes, starting with the 2 engine ones like DC-3 or 3 engine like Ju52 to bigger 4+ engines types..

    Flying Bomb:
    Initial “smart” bombs like V1.

    Flying Rocket:
    Strategic rockets like V2.