New Div-Component System

Here I’ll explain how the new Division Component system will work.
I’ll update asap with new info and pictures if progress is made.

The amount of components is visuable limited at ~45(~15 in Std-HOI), but with another solution it is unlimted, or better, nearly irrelevant..

    With my intentions in mind you would see something like this:

    – Tank Battalion 1: Tank PzII (Initial one, only increase with new tanks or little buffs like side skirts if decided)
    – Tank Battalion 2: Tank PzI (2nd Bat available though doctrine tech, gets the stats increase from researched Tank lvl or from Tank modell choosen through decsion, will increase from then like Bat I)
    – Tank Battalion 3: No (Same as Bat2)
    – Integrated Heavy Company: No (Will include all the Support Tanks like early PzIV with short 75mm or Inf Tanks of the UK -UK will also have full Regimenst of Inf Tanks but normally they attached them to the Cruiser Regiments-.)
    ..quite some more nice components.

The increase will be according to the researched techs.
In fact the researched techs will not affect the unit directly maybe.. 😉
You get a as good Panther with the amount of thickness and the armor plating tech and gun you have researched. The possibilities will not cover f.e. guns from 2cm to 15cm but a range will will fit into that time and unit.

    The player would need to make a decsion about the tank he want to use/build.
    -> AI would pick historic decsions or could be teached to do random usage..
    -> Upgrades of components could be done independend from research.
    -> Modells could be “skipped” maybe. Dependend on the extra work..
    -> Prototyping will be implemented.. More testing, or go in production?

For ease of use, cough cough, the BattalionI will be ever updated first, then the other ones. So you can have in all 3 Bat the same tank but never be 2 modells ahead in one of the three Bat..
The hvy company will be handled differently as it is a “different story”.

    Typical Divison set up would then be:
    1 Tank Reg, 1-2 Mot/Mech-Inf Reg, 1 Mobile-Div-Support-Reg, 1 Mobile-Art-Reg = 4-5 Regiments.

So that would cover the most Tank-Divs build. The usage of 2 Regiments(with only 2 Bat) was iirc only used by Ger in the very early years(They named it Tank-Brigade then..). After that they also used one Reg with 3 Bat..

I’ll very likely only have the importants techs for the tanks as components of the unit, as I don’t want it to “clutter” with stuff that was later maybe not used anymore, like the armor skirts etc., but it will be probably shown in the pics..
With the solution in mind it would be also possible to have negative modifier, wich will help to handle longer timeframes.