AHOI-Mod Buildings

Some infos about buildings:

buildings02Click for large pic on the pic.
With the new provinceview we see the full prov picture. That is very nice if we look at city pictures or the new terrain pics.

We’ have the following buildings:

    Civil Airport / Military Airbase
    Civil Harbour / Naval Base
    Coastal Fort / AA
    Trenches / Forts
    Road Infra / Train Infra
    Light Industry / Hvy Industry
    Telegraphy / RADAR
    Rocket / Nuclear

The idea behind them was this.
You would have normally first civil small bases.(Airport, harbour)
These would have reasonable impact on repair and capacity for the regarding units.
The “military variant” represents “focused on the military part”- buildings and would give higher boni at different cost.
These military buldings would not be available from the start. Depending on the research and decsions.

Then, it seems that we can’t have two buildings on the map that have the same features like:
– air_capacity => so planes can use that building as an air base.
– naval_capacity => so ships can use that building as an naval base.
If you have two buildings with this feateure on the map, you can only use the last one in the buildings.txt with this feature..

To work around this, you will get one military type building after you have build a civil airport/harbour.
(Maybe also a little infra boost..)
So you could use it already for your planes/ships.. But not very well..
For intense military use, you would need to built the military type of building..
Both types of building will have different IC cost/time cost/max amount of builings..
So it would maybe need more time to build a civil harbour to represent the civil like building style. And the military varaint will be build in shorter time but with much higher cost..

As I aim finally for a longer timeframe, that approach suits my needs for a better representation of those areas.
Think about WWI:
You would start with the “civil airport” wich gives you 1 military airport(via event..). You can use planes there but not very well. Then after you did some more research or enact some decsions, you would be able to build also the military variant wich will give better boni for a higher price.
The overall gain is the versatility. To have two buildings with different build times/cost/boni..
So maybe the now civil port will be renamed small port and will give just small boni, but could be build in a short time. While the other one will be called big dockyard-port and need much more time/cost.
So you could use ingame events with that gives you a Mulberries harbour after an invasion. These Mulberries harbour is a new “small port”.
The player could only build them up to a lvl of 5 and they would give not that much boni.
The big dockyard/port would need on the other site around a year to be build, but gives also much higher boni.
You will need higher lvl of dockyard/port to build capital ships. BB need high lvl, while DD can be build with low lvl.
Same to the roads and railroad. Railroad will give higher boni, but need longer to be built at higher cost.
Also railroad will be easier to be bombed then roads.. 😉

The trenches are all those “fortifications” a soldier can build upon his own, but are much more you would do in a short time of some days. Deep defense system with trenches lik ein WW1, up to little pillboxes and MG-nests.

The Forts are such buildigns like Eben-Emael, The Atlantikwall, Magiont-Line and so on.

See above text.

See above text.

As ussual.

Heavy industry:
Will be used to simulate special IC dedicated to the war effort. See above text.

Telegraf stations:
Intended for WW1 and before, not builable yet.

Rocket test:
As ussual. Faster research and prodcution of rockets.

Civil version. -> For two of them you will get one air base building. See above text.

Air base:
As ussual. Will be needed to place and repeair planes and also will be used for production limitation. See above text.

Civil version. -> For two of them you will get one air base building. See above text.

Naval base:
As ussual. Will be needed to place and repeair ships and also will be used for production limitation. See above text.

Coastal defense:
As ussual.

Anti air:
As ussual. Stronger as in Std-HoI3. Also includes point defense planes like Me163 Komet via research.

As ussual. KI baut diese auch an Schlüsselstellen um etwa England rundherum einsehen zu können oder an Flughäfen wo Flieger einen Bonus bekommen.

As ussual. Faster research and prodcution of nukes.