Land units

Below is a small description about the AHOI Army units.
(I want to mention that this design also had in mind that it’s possible to maybe add later an earlier timeline as WWII.)

Militia: Well, Milita, Light equiped short trained people.
Paramilitary: Police Force with military equipment. Secure supply lines and hunt down Partisans.
Garrision: Garrison forces wich protect areas of value, not mobile but tough defenders.
Infantry: The regular Infantry.
Mot/Mech-Inf: Infantry that is used with mobile forces, first equiped with trucks, later with AFV’s.
Cavalry: The good old Cavalry on horses, only for quick transport, and could change the horses with Armored Cars/Trucks/AFV due tech advance.
Airmobile-Inf: Infantry wich uses Helicopter for Transport as a quick reaction force. Also named Air-Cavalry sometimes.
Mot/Mech-Cav: Modern Cavalry wich uses Armored Cars or light Tanks for recon and similar missions.
Tanks: The common Tank unit, uses vehicles from light WWI to modern medium(MBT) after WWII.
Heavy Tanks: The common heavy Tank unit, uses heavy vehicles from WWI to modern heavy after WWII. Can also have a Superheavy section.
Land Cruiser: Eventually, to have the vehicles like K-Wagen(nearly completed in WWI) or projects like “Ratte”.
Ranger(Jäger)-Inf: Special trained Inf that fights well also in most rough terrain.
Mountain-Inf: Special trained Inf that fights well also in mountains. Will also include the even more special high mountain trained units.
Marine-Inf: Special trained Inf for amphib landings.
Paratrooper: Airdropable Infantry.
Commando: Very special trained Infantry like UK Commandos/Brandenburger..
Divison-Support: All that extra equipment of a Divsion like AA/AT/Eng/Recon.
Mobile Divison Support: All that extra equipment for a mobile Divsion like AA/AT/Eng/Recon.
Divison Artillery: All the Artillery of a Divsion.
Mobile Divison Artillery: All the Artillery of a mobile Divsion.
Siege Artillery: The extra heavy calibres for long range shellig and fortess attack.
Corps-Artillery: The heavy Artilery that was mostly only attached to Corps or Army.
Corps-Anti-Air: The early AA and later heavy AA that was mostly only attached to Corps or Army.
Corps-Anti-Tank: The early AT and later heavy AT and also TD that was mostly only attached to Corps or Army.
Corps-Engineer: The Engineers that were initially only attached to Corps or Army or later formed as Storm-Engieers in Stalingrad.

Then we’ll have the “Elite” section wich will be used to have the several WWI Guards or WWII camicie nere/Guards or SS units.
Elite Paramilitary:
Elite Cavalry:
Elite Infantry:
Elite Mot/Mech-Inf:
Elite Tanks:
Elite Heavy Tanks:
Elite Divison-Support:
Elite Divison Artillery:

The new Divison setup out of 5 Regiments(Brigades in Std-HOI3) will consist out of something like this ususally:
3* Inf-Reg, 1* Div-Supp-Reg, 1* Div-Art-Reg = 5 Regiments.